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Ectivise consulting model

At Ectivise, we leverage our expertise in optical networking and project experiences to create an in-house consulting model for generating customized backbone solutions for different applications. Our model consists of: 1) a rich inventory of traffic data from past projects for demand assessment & forecast; 2) a group of backbone design models in different application areas (each design model is composed of sub-system components that can be customized according to project needs); and 3) network planning models for different network layers. Ectivise consulting model is modularized and easily scalable to meet different needs. 

Our consulting services consist of five phases:

  1. Initiation: gathering clients’ requirements via meetings, on-site visit and various resources. Ectivise has complied a checklist of key project information to gather for this phase.
  2. Analysis: demand analysis and forecast using Ectivise rich inventory of data from past projects.
  3. Design: selecting application models and generating customized backbone solution via Ectivise consulting model. Network planning for different network layers will be performed according to project scope. A solution proposal will be prepared for the next phase meeting.
  4. Validation: validation of solution proposal with clients to ensure clients’ requirements are met or otherwise further revision is performed. A few iterations of presentation, validation and revision will be exercised till the proposal is finalized with the clients.
  5. Closure: generating technical specifications for different network components. Clients choose whether to proceed to project implementation with Ectivise. We offer end-to-end full cycle services to clients backed by impeccable project delivery experience.
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About Ectivise Solutions

Ectivise Solutions Pte Ltd is focused on consultancy, design, delivery, support and maintenance for IOBAs in Singapore and Asia.

Ectivise was founded with the aim of delivering value-added engineering services and solutions to improve energy efficiency and increase CAPEX & OPEX savings for buildings, enterprises and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).