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Ectivise infrastructure solutions based on IOBA

Ectivise’s ICT backbone solutions for smart applications are based on our unique IOBA design. IOBA is our premier network architecture solution that spearheaded our foray into the deployment of large-scale GPON solutions in Asia. The design is concise, stable, cost-effective and easily scalable. It improves energy efficiency and reduces carbon footprint for organizations’ systems and facilities, while providing superior network experience e.g. ultrafast data transmission.


Ectivise's Integrated Optical Backbone Architecture (IOBA)

Subsystems such as CCTV, WiFi, access systems, and telephony traditionally require immense amounts of copper wiring and are limited by its reach, especially in large office floor plates.

By deploying an IOBA, the cumbersome chunk of wiring is easily compacted into an optical backbone, effectively extending where you can position your subsystems. IOBAs not only reduces energy consumption, but also frees up precious office space.

With GPON technology, gigabit network performance can now be delivered through IOBA which gives the high bandwidth and scalability that is needed to keep in pace with the increasing demand for data volume from applications and services,

Our team of solution architects provides an in-depth analysis of your floor plans so guesswork is eliminated and we can immediately establish your network requirements while exploring versatility.

It is this approach and the commitment to energy efficiency that has brought tremendous results.


Introduction to GPON

Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) is a technology that delivers voice, video, and data services over an optical fibre network.

GPON consists of:
  1. an Optical Line Terminal (OLT) - the nerve center of IOBA

  2. multiple Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) - the network nodes

  3. passive optical fibre and splitters that links the nodes (ONTs) to the nerve center (OLT)
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About Ectivise Solutions

Ectivise Solutions Pte Ltd is focused on consultancy, design, delivery, support and maintenance for IOBAs in Singapore and Asia.

Ectivise was founded with the aim of delivering value-added engineering services and solutions to improve energy efficiency and increase CAPEX & OPEX savings for buildings, enterprises and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).